Top easy ways to kill time at the airport

Feeling so bored with an airport layover? Maybe you need some ways to kill time or even make your wait more useful. There are some suggestions for you.

  1. Start a conversation with other passengers

Starting a conversation with other passengers might be the great way to spend your waiting time. You should look for people who have the same flight as you and they should look free and friendly, of course. Talking with a stranger will distract you from starring at your wristwatch every 5 minutes. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough, you might have a new interesting friend.

  1. Watch people

If you’re too shy to start a conversation with a stranger, stay still and watch them. Imagine that you’re a detective and try figuring out about other people by using your power of observation. You might learn from them some ways to kill time at the airport. Otherwise, playing fashion police and judge others’ bad taste in clothing is also an amusement.

  1. Work

If you’re full of energy, you should do something more useful.  By taking advantage of the free wifi at the airport, you can handle many unsolved works. Working at the airport is not really stressful as you think. It’s even a useful way to get through the boring time.

  1. Read book

This is a good way to start your travel earlier. Reading a book about the place you’re about to visit will give you basic information about its culture and history. You will become acquainted with this place and your trip will also be more exciting.

  1. Exercise

Feeling your muscles atrophy from all those flight delays? Do some physical activities! If you don’t want to get to fitness centres at some airport hotels nearby, you should take a walk. Strolling around for windowshopping or exploring the airport is also a good exercise.

  1. Play games

Flight delay can occur at any time so you should always ready for it. If you want to save your mobile phone or ipad battery, don’t play mobile games. Remember to bring along some amusement games such as puzzles, Sudoku.