Tay Ninh is the capital city of Tay Ninh Province, in the southern region of Vietnam.


Since Tay Ninh temperature is hot and humid all year with an average temperature of 27.5ºC, and rainfall of 1,724mm. There are many things you can do. The dry season normally lasts from December till April and the rainy season lasts from May till November.

The Cao Dai Temple - masses are held at 6am, mid-day, 6pm, and midnight. Although most tourists planning to visit the temple usually arrive for the noon mass. There is a balcony that runs along the walls halfway up. This is where you can watch the service. It is a very nice view.
There is an orchestra of approximately ten musicians whose music is traditionally Vietnamese. A choir of approximately twenty lead the congregation in the prayers. The music mix of the hymns is very unusual with the blend of Western and Vietnamese.

In the front of the temple is the Devine Eye in the shape of a triangle of Justice. It is surrounded by flowers on the Cosmic Globe. On the altar lies three glasses of wine, a cup of water and a cup of tea. The Temples domed ceiling is painted with stars and has a blue globe which is symbolic to "Caodaism".

Nui Ba Den Mountain - there are two ways to get up to the temple: you can walk the traditional trail, or pay a few dollars and take the tram. The views of the countryside are breathtaking.

It is also a famous complex of historical sites that cover more than 14.91 miles. There are Lunar New Year rituals and festivals that attracts about a million visitors yearly. This mountain is considered the roof of Southern Vietnam and often called Van Son or Cloud Mountain because it is always covered by clouds. There is a round trip cable car ride from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain.
Dau Tieng Reservior - this reservoir is located 12.43 miles from Tay Ninh Town. It was constructed in 1981 to provide water in Tay Ninh province as well as the neighboring provinces. The lake covers an area of 27,000 hectares, and it contains up to 1.5 billion cubic meter of water. The reservoir is set in a beautiful landscape surrounding of mountains where is has many islets. The visitors often get a relax feeling when visiting Dau Tieng.
Cu Chi Tunnel (Ben Dinh) is a free attraction which is located about 45 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a underground system that stretches over 75 miles. It was once part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail where they transport supplies and soldiers from North Vietnam to South Vietnam.
Binh Thanh Cham Tower, a monument of the Oc-Eo culture.


One of the top-rated things to do would be visiting the Cao Dai Temple. The temple have a "divine eye" at the main entrance that is the official symbol of their religion which is Cao Dai. The temple has other buildings that you can wonder around and see how they sew and weave there traditional garments. The worshipers of Cao Dai are suppose to pray at least everyday and everyday there are four sessions that are held in the temple. Before entering the Temple, you must remember to take off your shoes. You can view the mass on top of the balcony, but you must remember to remain silent at all time. Once the worshipers have all enter the temple, they face each others in rows from opposing sides. Men enter from the right side and pray on the right side, on the other hand women enter from the left side and also pray on the left side. During the festivals, everyone that is involve in the ceremony dress from head to toe in white. The three color you see are red which represents Confucianism, yellow which represents Buddhism and lastly blue which represents Taoism. Before taking any picture it is always wise to ask first, although the Cao Dai do not mind having their pictures taken.
Approximately six miles northeast of Tay Ninh is the Nui Ba mountain that stretches about fourteen miles and is made up of three mountains calledHeo mountain (pig), Phung Mountain (phoenix) and Ba Den Mountain (black lady). The most chosen mountain to climb would be the Ba Den Mountain because halfway up there are giant rocks, old temples and caves.

To get to Ba Den Mountain there are three ways. You can choose to go on foot, but it will take you over one hour to arrive. Another choose would be to take the cable cars and that would take you twenty minutes to cover a distance of approximately .75 miles. The sliding system which includes two lines going downwards and upwards. It would be wise to take the downward line as it will take you through lots of hair-raising bends and corners which are good for sightseeing.

Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival is celebrated 15th-18th of the 1st lunar month, so if you are in the Country at that time it would be nice to go visit there.

The Cao Dai temple has four different towers: Tam Dai, Hiep Thien Dai, Trung Dai and Bat Quy Dai


There is a Long Hoa Market located several miles south of the Cao Dai See complex that is open from five in the morning to six at night. Long Hoa Market sells food, clothing and everything you would expect to find in a marketplace.


Banh canh Trang Bang: a kind of noodle

Muoi ot: salt with chilli

Bánh trang banh trang phoi suong Trang Bang (griddle cake dried and beef hotpot) Than lan nui chien gion (fried mountainous lizards)

Thanh Thuy is a restaurant next to Hoa Binh Hotel. There aren’t prices on the menu but the price is very reasonable and the portions are a good size. When traveling to Tay Ninh with your own vehicle, there is a good restaurant called Kieu along Highway 22.
Canh Ky Noodle House - 109 Tran Hung Dao, Tay Ninh. Family-owned for more than 20 years. This noodle house is well-known with the local residents. Opens morning until noon. Famous for their wonton noodle soups.


Tam Lan Tay Ninh herbal tea

Fresh fruit juice - can be in either cans or fresh fruit. If it is found in a can, it is made of litchi, wacky pumpkin, or passion lemon.

Strong coffee - Southern drink coffee with ice while northern drink coffee when it is warm but during the summer they will drink it with just a little bit of ice. Also they drink coffee with milk, it is called "cafe nau".

Beer - Hanoi Beer is produced by Hanoi Beer Company and Saigon Beer is produced by Saigon Beer Company.

Can Wine - "Can Wine" is put in a porcelain jar, but before you get to drink it, you have to know how many people will be presented to drink the wine so you can prepare how many stem to set up. The stem will be placed in the jar, and everyone will drink from the stem or it can even be shared.
Coke, Pepsi, Heineken and Western Wines can also be found in the restaurant at Tay Ninh.